Ferris State University Printing and Imaging Technology


Here are all the resources for students enrolled in the GMAN 393 Internship. If you are with a printing or marketing services company and would like to hire an intern, contact John Conati.

Make sure to read the Important Dates. You'll also want to look at the Print Company Database.

Important Forms

Thompson-Shore Intern With Color Management Skills

Mar 11th 16

Thompson-Shore, out of Dexter, Michigan is looking to hire a summer intern with Color Management experience preferred. Please send credentials to Lori Minnick at lorim@tshore.com.

Meta4mat Looking for an Intern and/or Full Time Hire

Feb 12th 16

Meta4mat out of Grand Rapids, Michigan is looking to hire an intern and/or full time employee. Please send your credentials to Grant Cooper at grant@meta4mat.com

Intern Needed at PrintComm

Feb 2nd 16

PrintComm in Flint, Michigan is looking to hire an intern to run a summer fulfillment program. Interested parties should send resume and information to Eric Bauer at ebauer@printcomm.com