Ferris State University Printing and Imaging Technology


Here are all the resources for students enrolled in the GMAN 393 Internship. If you are with a printing or marketing services company and would like to hire an intern, contact John Conati.

Make sure to read the Important Dates. You'll also want to look at the Print Company Database.

Important Forms

Intern Opportunities at Quad Graphics

Sep 9th 15

Quad Graphics located in multiple locations in Wisconsin, are currently in process to hire interns. Please go to the Quad Graphic web site to apply.

Japs-Olson Will Be on Campus Looking for Interns

Sep 9th 15

Japs-Olson, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be on campus during the Fall Career Fair looking to hire interns for Spring and Summer semesters. Please go to the Career Fair on October 22 and talk to the Japs-Olson representatives to schedule an interview. Any other questions could be directed to Nancy Dibb (ndibb@japsolson.com) from Japs-Olson.

Phillips Printing Looking for a Fall or Spring Intern

Jun 8th 15

Phillips Printing out of Nashville, Tennessee are looking to hire  Fall and maybe Spring term interns. Please contact Shealia Hearn at shealia@philprint.com.