Ferris State University Printing and Imaging Technology


Here are all the resources for students enrolled in the GMAN 393 Internship. If you are with a printing or marketing services company and would like to hire an intern, contact John Conati.

Make sure to read the Important Dates. You'll also want to look at the Print Company Database.

Important Forms

General Sales and Marketing Internship

Feb 12th 15

Madisson DeLisle contacted ferris about a general non print sales and marketing internship this summer in Big Rapids. We do not know this company or person, but it might be worth while looking into this opportunity.  It is a paid internship with possible stipend for living and transportation.  Interested students should research, apply online (http://www.aroundcampusgroup.com/student-internships/outside-sales-internship), and then meet with us to see if it is a legitimate opportunity.

Custom Printers/Spot on Interviews

Feb 5th 15

Scott Volkert will be in BUS 120A interviewing candidates for a sales/marketing intern.  Interview time slots are in half hour increments starting a 9 am on February 13.  Please contact Mr. Conati ahead of time to get on the schedule.